CMO Summit | June 19, 2018 | Apella by Alexandria - New York, NY, USA



Want to Drive Growth from Digital Transformation? Focus on Innovation to Serve Your Customers

Executive Boardroom - 2:10 pm - 2:35 pm

Many CDOs, CIOs and other leaders are driving digital change by devising new strategies, investing in new technology, and hiring new people with new skills. Yet in this transition, many organizations risk getting lost in the weeds and losing sight of the one thing that determines whether all this work pays off: the customer. This session will describe how C-level execs can advance their digital transformation leadership beyond paying lip service to new strategies, investing in new technologies, and re-aligning people and processes. There's a bigger idea here: grab onto the opportunity to innovate for the customer to drive business growth. 


  • Why you need to first ask "why" a customer wants to engage with your business or brand, and how to use that to set a "North Star" for transformation
  • How to make a focus on the customer a basis for business innovation and get the entire company to rally behind it 
  • How to think about "digital" not just as a side project of your business strategy, but an integrated element of your complete business strategy
  • How to frame new technology as an enabler to the enterprise goals, not the silver bullet for digital change 
  • Examples from companies like Lyft, Capital One, CVS, and Nestle who are putting the customer first, by using technology to back it up with innovation

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